A perfect world!

A morning no different from others – unplanned and chaotic!

DH and I were running late as usual, DD1 was going around doing her usual business of messing around and DD2 bawling. Additionally, this time I forgot to switch off the motor on time, there was a heavy water leak and had to go around collecting it in buckets.

Later, as I sat down exhausted, wondered what  a perfect day (and by extension,  a perfect life) would be like


– Disciplined start – at 5.30 AM followed by a round yoga/exercise

– self, cooking up great tasting and healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner

– no drab office to go to 🙂

– maids who come on time and work without constant reminders and instructions 🙂

– plenty of time to indulge in reading, blogging and to spend with DH/kids

All this while being dressed like  a dream :))

And Perfect Life, would be made of: 

– cozy, comfortable, large home – pristine & immaculately clean always

– zero irksome colleagues/bothersome people or maybe, a WW equipped to handle them

– WW and family in perfect health (perenially slimy handkerchiefs post usage by WW and family banished forever)

– travels to exotic, dreamy destinations and plenty of fun-filled vacation

and of course, kids and their perfect, rosy future!

Sigh, so many! And I am not even getting onto lofty topics like terror-free world, pollution-free environment, prejudice-free society etc.

…At the moment, let me continue dreaming!


Mother and Daughter

Read a review of “Interior Decoration…” a collection of poems by women, in TOI ‘s Sunday issue. Loved this one by Sampurna Chattarji –

“The last thing I want,


is to grow up

to be you

So patient

so docile…


I won’t be you.

Never. Not me.

But first,

I’ll just get my husband

his tea.” 

I was all 🙂 🙂 after I read it. Had to share it here. Hope I am not infringing on some copyright by reproducing it here?

Hello world!

Welcome to my first post!