WW’s verdict…

on Masterchef India is out!

Eeks… I didn’t like it! I dont even bother remembering the timings it is telecast in, and that shows what I think of it.

Ok, top three reasons why it sucks?

  1. The celebrity judges are  ho hum
  2. The format – nothing captivating, yet.
  3. The filmy element – the “oohs and aahs” Akshay evokes and the Bollywoodish drama seem forced.

Guess after having seen Masterchef Aus, this one pales in comparison.


Enthiran Review

Inspite of not being a Rajnikanth fan, I had thoroughly enjoyed ‘Sivaji’ the big trio’s (Shankar-Rajni-Rahman) last outing. Despite its sheer ridiculousness, the movie was enjoyable, thanks largely to Rajnikanth. And anything following the massively successful Sivaji was bound to be bigger and better.

So when positive reviews began pouring in for “Enthiran/Robot” since Oct 1, I simply couldn’t wait. Inspite of steep ticket prices and the busy day that Saturday usually is, I managed to steal a few hours to catch the highly anticipated ‘Enthiran’.

Was it worth it? Well, perhaps not entirely, I should concede. The first half is definitely engrossing and worth your time. Contrary to most critique, the downslide starts when the “villians” start appearing and going on a rampage. Amateurish would be an understatement to describe the climax.

Since the story et al has been repeated ad nauseam, directly jumping to the pluses and minuses, as I saw them.


+ the concept of a robot evolving and developing human emotions and its aftermath. Interestingly tackled.

+ Songs: Tunes are worth the CD price, the picturization excellent, and the locales are refreshingly new. Costumes too are good and Aishwarya is at her graceful best.

+ Attention to detail, especially in the first half. The way Dr. Vasi’s beard grows when he is engrossed in work or the human-like teeth the android has even when it does not have the Rajni exterior. Or making sure there is reason for Aishwarya’s appearances in fancy dresses and make up towards the end (Lifestyle shop gets robbed by robots!). No misses there.

The negatives

– The longdrawn climax sequence and its flaws. I had no clue as to what was happening – just how many Chitti clones were there, what was the point of all the shape formation etc. If it is known that the strength of a single robot is equal to a hundred humans, why isn’t there adequate planning to handle them than just spraying bullets randomly. And if the robot can scan and detect the blood group from a drop of blood in the distance, why does it take a while for chitti to track the lone human in their midst and finish him off.

– The “hero” Dr. Vasi, reduced to a “mere human” (remember, this is Rajni!) He ignores his girlfriend, mercilessly attacks another Rajni (albeit, a robot), panics at the sight of blood or any confrontation. Realism is alright, but in the process a demi-God is demystified. And to Rajni fans, that is blasphemous.

– Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. She has taken the “bimbette” role a few notches up. Over-the-top screeching and preening, standing all decked up and made up in the villian’s lair with a plastered smile when your boyfriend’s life is on the firing line – and more such things, probably a new high for even Indian heriones!

Summary: Probably it was the sky-high expectation that did it in, I felt let down this time.

The perils of multiple parenting

(Pre Script. Before  I begin, my definition of multiple parenting: Multiple people – grandparents, nannies included – involved in parenting, besides the mother-father duo)

I dont know how women survive joint families!

Mine is a quasi-joint family. Or a quasi-nuclear family, the way you wish to see it. We comprise a working couple and 2 tiny tots, with parents and in-laws at a stone’s throw away providing all support (or is it?).  And free with support comes, guess what, ample advice and criticism too…

And this is where the complexity of multiple parenting starts.

Unlike a non-working mother (who, no denying, has enough troubles and frustrations of her own) a working mom leaves her kids with nannies and grandparents. And that is like to pry open a world of trouble.

Different people with different sensibilities and philosophies, each feeding their own beliefs to the kids is a sure shot recipe for trouble. So if mom has 1 thing to say on the kind of diet DD1 should follow, m-i-l has the reverse philosophy. Nanny pitches in with her 2 cents and no one cares what the hapless parents actually think about all this.

Yesterday, I lost my cool and shot back at m-i-l which obviously upset her! Well, I am usually restrained , respect all sentiments and all that, but just how much s**t can one take? Listening to daily lectures on how one should bring up kids can erode your patience and finally get on your nerve, as I learnt yesterday.

To let them handle technology or not, to buy them toys every month or not, to shout at them or not, to feed them x-y-z type pf food or not, to give them a-b-c medicines or not etc. etc. – when seemingly mundane things in life get dissected, analysed and blown out of propotion every moment, it is bound to have its repercussion. Having to answer someone for every move in your life can really get tiresome.  These are the times I begin doubting if the roles elders play in lives of their children is really worth it.

For all the chest thumping we do and the pride we take in our ‘culture’ and ‘support system’ , the numerous complexities these lead to in our everyday lives is always overlooked. In that aspect, I am a fan of the Western society. Good or bad, they decide their way of life, are independent and  have their own space – which parents, in-laws or even spouses are not allowed to invade.

So this leads me to wonder, just what the heck do girls in joint families do? How do they remain sane?

I really dont know, do you?