Signing off the year with some lovely pictures we shot last week. Bountiful nature, at its best…

Notice the bright, fresh rose sandwiched between the array of thorns and wilted petals. If this is not ray of hope, what is?

Plucked some fresh peppercorns dangling from trees all around. Pickled peppers make excellent accompaniment to curd rice

For some reason, this picture reminds me of the movie Kingkong (Peter Jackson's) & the jungles featured in it

The dripping wet flowers after a good spell of rain, beautiful!


Love the Brilliance of the Orange against the green backdrop


Why I dont like winters…

I stumbled upon this blog post  on why the author (well ok, blogger) likes winters. And it reminded me of my own allergy to the ‘cold’ season. Though of course, technically there is no such thing as winter, down south of Vindhyas (but then Bangalore, where I stay, is different). So why not, I thought, pen my reasons. Here they go.

  • Time and again, winter conspires to aid breaking my resolution to wake up before 5.30 AM every morning. Unlike in summers, all I feel like doing is snuggling deeper under my blanket
  • Not possible to walk around the house without your chappals or sweater on
  • Can’t switch on the fan or open  the windows without a blast of cold air blowing into your face… brrr…
  • The sniffles and sneezes go up as the temperature moves downwards
  • Night life (not that I have a great one) is crippled – any family outing is restricted to restaurant indoors, where the children can be safe and away from the chilliness
  • Wardrobe dilemmas – just how many full sleeved dresses or sweaters can you stock up for those 4 months

I’ll stop here, though I am sure I can come up with more if I rack my brains (and that shouldn’t take long, as Hermoine points out to Ron in the final book) 😉

Happy New Year!

Friendly neighborhood…

Yesterday, heard DD1 singing

“Voldemort, Voldemort, friendly neighborhood Voldemort…’

(the spiderman song)

Very amusing, it was. I am sure, had J.K. Rowling been around, she’d been flummoxed! Probably scratched her head and wondered when and how her glorious villian become so endearing