Doesn’t ad up!

Is it just me, or is Aamir Khan really not living up to his perfectionist image?

I am talking about the ads in which the star is making appearances nowadays. I think his looks, dialogue delivery and mannerisms are repetitive – the ads all have  a “haven’t I seen this already” air about them – be it the watch ads or the mobile phone ads. Whatever happened to the good ol’ cola ad-types (can you forget the Hyderabadi, the sarkari babu, the phoren returned guy, bhabhi etc.) and the more recent Tata Sky with Gul Panang ad-type?


A new “me” discovered…

… this New Year!  I discovered a side of mine, that I did not know existed. Or maybe, one that I knew about, but which I had tried burying under layers of civility. Alas,  the sad truth is that lousy fiend couldnt lay low anymore and came out in full glory today.

Let me explain (but not too much)

This morning, I was greeted by a piece of news that should have actually made me very happy. I should have been truly happy for the people to whom *it* happened. Yes, I was happy, but not entirely. The loathsome green monster called jealousy, reared its giant head, and guess what, I lost all sanity and cried… actually c.r.i.e.d… AND BITCHED AND RANTED AND VENTED! I mean, how low can one stoop? I did, to a good extent today.

Time is great healer, teacher and what not. I know I’ll get over it (there shouldn’t have been any need to “get over it” in the first place) and it wont matter anymore a few days later.

But what  happened today showed me an ugly side of myself, one that I hoped did never exist! But it does,  and I have to come to terms with it. Anyway, DH and Almightly remain the only witnesses to it and hope they forgive me! And hopefully, so will I!