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Day 1 – Feb 9

It is 4:38 PM GMT – 10:08 PM IST. I am dreary eyed and sleepy. Of course cant expect much more after a cocktail of 10-hr sleepless flight, sleepless last night in India and the jetlag. I am trying to postpone the sleep time by 2 hrs at least, lest I not wake up in the middle of the night. London Heathrow welcomed me at 1300 hrs local time and I should say the airport (T5) did impress me. I mean, hopping on to a transit train to collect baggage after you have disembarked, in how many airports do you get to do that. The weather is not bad at all. 9 C they say it is, but then I hardly needed to step out into the air. The taxi ride to the hotel was fairly quick 15-20 mins. Funny – on the road a UK Royal mail red colored van I saw had so much grime on its back, that someone has marked “even my wife is not this dirty” on the dirt. Nice touch of humor. In India, I have only seen telephone numbers and arrow pierced hearts drawn on dirt. This was a good change. Got to report in office at 8.00 AM tomorrow. Signing off now!

Day 6 – Feb 14

Valentine’s Day! (not that it matters) I am sitting in RP, typing away, trying to drive my sleep away. I am feeling groggy, but cant stop admiring the view outside. It’s like a white sheet spread over the whole place. People have been telling me that this is the warmest day in the season 🙂 well, cheers to that!

Day 14 – Feb 22

Almost in the last leg of the trip – waiting to board the flight to Bangalore at the London airport, after having just bought my last takeaways from the trip – chocolates! Lucky I remembered that I had to buy them.

So what can I say about the trip, wow!

 Ok, so for the sake of anonymity, here’s how I am calling the significant people I met ->> J, M, V and fly, D-N, A, G, T, A-M, C

What I think of them:

– J is experienced and wise, unflustered and a potential candidate for mentor

– M has extremely good sense of humor

– V and fly — nothing new to add, chilled out inspite of the recent disruptions and commotions

– D-N are extremely caring and thoughtful, as always

– A is endearing, nice and pleasant personality

– G is gregarious and friendly, unlike what I expected (was expecting an older, more serious person)

– T is a nice mix of older and younger people, some people much older than I thought. But we spent a nice week, including a fun evening together

– A-M is a lovely couple, dont see them lose patience with children and they are so chilled out about them – something I should learn. Got wonderful home ideas too. Wonder how M functions like clockwork without any sign of slowing down or tiredness, though. No wonder mom is a big fan of hers. The importance A attaches to fitness ought to be seen to be believed

– C is a good person – genuine at heart and a good friend. Got to learn relentless pursuit of values from him. His friendship is worth retaining.


I am now about to board. As I wait for the gate to open and the boarding process to start, I look around at the other brown faces and cant help smiling to myself – finally, I am getting back into familiar territory.

What I will miss

 – the beautiful UK greenery – the singsong British accent – the total “me” time I got at airports and hotel rooms – facetime I got with colleagues – (American) buildings scraping the sky – sheet of white anywhere I saw in the US – buildings, roadsides, trees

But here’s what I am looking forward to

– not having to study menus and dissect food, looking for traces of vegetarian options – not lugging 30 kgs of weight around – not having to spend a few seconds trying to calculate time in IST everytime I have to talk to people back home – not having to bother about braided hair, bindi on forehead and salwar kameezes – weather that renders unnecessary the eight layers of warm clothing to wear before stepping out – finally, the comforting warmth of family 🙂

Doesn’t ad up!

Is it just me, or is Aamir Khan really not living up to his perfectionist image?

I am talking about the ads in which the star is making appearances nowadays. I think his looks, dialogue delivery and mannerisms are repetitive – the ads all have  a “haven’t I seen this already” air about them – be it the watch ads or the mobile phone ads. Whatever happened to the good ol’ cola ad-types (can you forget the Hyderabadi, the sarkari babu, the phoren returned guy, bhabhi etc.) and the more recent Tata Sky with Gul Panang ad-type?

A new “me” discovered…

… this New Year!  I discovered a side of mine, that I did not know existed. Or maybe, one that I knew about, but which I had tried burying under layers of civility. Alas,  the sad truth is that lousy fiend couldnt lay low anymore and came out in full glory today.

Let me explain (but not too much)

This morning, I was greeted by a piece of news that should have actually made me very happy. I should have been truly happy for the people to whom *it* happened. Yes, I was happy, but not entirely. The loathsome green monster called jealousy, reared its giant head, and guess what, I lost all sanity and cried… actually c.r.i.e.d… AND BITCHED AND RANTED AND VENTED! I mean, how low can one stoop? I did, to a good extent today.

Time is great healer, teacher and what not. I know I’ll get over it (there shouldn’t have been any need to “get over it” in the first place) and it wont matter anymore a few days later.

But what  happened today showed me an ugly side of myself, one that I hoped did never exist! But it does,  and I have to come to terms with it. Anyway, DH and Almightly remain the only witnesses to it and hope they forgive me! And hopefully, so will I!



Signing off the year with some lovely pictures we shot last week. Bountiful nature, at its best…

Notice the bright, fresh rose sandwiched between the array of thorns and wilted petals. If this is not ray of hope, what is?

Plucked some fresh peppercorns dangling from trees all around. Pickled peppers make excellent accompaniment to curd rice

For some reason, this picture reminds me of the movie Kingkong (Peter Jackson's) & the jungles featured in it

The dripping wet flowers after a good spell of rain, beautiful!


Love the Brilliance of the Orange against the green backdrop

Why I dont like winters…

I stumbled upon this blog post  on why the author (well ok, blogger) likes winters. And it reminded me of my own allergy to the ‘cold’ season. Though of course, technically there is no such thing as winter, down south of Vindhyas (but then Bangalore, where I stay, is different). So why not, I thought, pen my reasons. Here they go.

  • Time and again, winter conspires to aid breaking my resolution to wake up before 5.30 AM every morning. Unlike in summers, all I feel like doing is snuggling deeper under my blanket
  • Not possible to walk around the house without your chappals or sweater on
  • Can’t switch on the fan or open  the windows without a blast of cold air blowing into your face… brrr…
  • The sniffles and sneezes go up as the temperature moves downwards
  • Night life (not that I have a great one) is crippled – any family outing is restricted to restaurant indoors, where the children can be safe and away from the chilliness
  • Wardrobe dilemmas – just how many full sleeved dresses or sweaters can you stock up for those 4 months

I’ll stop here, though I am sure I can come up with more if I rack my brains (and that shouldn’t take long, as Hermoine points out to Ron in the final book) 😉

Happy New Year!

Friendly neighborhood…

Yesterday, heard DD1 singing

“Voldemort, Voldemort, friendly neighborhood Voldemort…’

(the spiderman song)

Very amusing, it was. I am sure, had J.K. Rowling been around, she’d been flummoxed! Probably scratched her head and wondered when and how her glorious villian become so endearing


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