Doesn’t ad up!

Is it just me, or is Aamir Khan really not living up to his perfectionist image?

I am talking about the ads in which the star is making appearances nowadays. I think his looks, dialogue delivery and mannerisms are repetitive – the ads all have  a “haven’t I seen this already” air about them – be it the watch ads or the mobile phone ads. Whatever happened to the good ol’ cola ad-types (can you forget the Hyderabadi, the sarkari babu, the phoren returned guy, bhabhi etc.) and the more recent Tata Sky with Gul Panang ad-type?




I have mixed feelings about them.

I consider them an irritant when they interrupt a nice movie or show I am watching on telly. And then there are some, which I prefer over the actual show. But in either case, they get me thinking. No denying the fact that I have always had a fascination for the copywriting business. Always wondered how ads are created – Where does the germ of the idea come from (it is a sudden burst of inspirtation, brainstorming, or a dedicated group sitting down in a conf room and working on it?), how is it developed, how is it translated on the screen, what makes some instantly likeable and some others loathsome, do celebrities endorsing a brand have a say in making of the ads… I can go on and on. If I had a chance to choose any other job, I’d probably choose ad making (how successful I’d be in it is another matter altogether)

So here I write out my ad list – the good ones & the bad ones. Strictly including only whatever is being aired currently.

First, the Yucky ones:

1. The Shah Rukh Khan one, advertising fairness creams. At least, celebrities should stop endorsing fairness (and creams for fairness) Also add the OTT Hyundai ad. This inspite of my not being a SRK-hater.

2. The Salman Khan ad with some Chinese(?) girls asking about some extra fittings (or whatever) on cows! Gosh, I thought it was awful.

3. Amul Macho. For torturing the primates, and us.

4. A random boy walks up to a random girl on the road, and not only demands a bite of her chocolate, but also decides he is going to drop her home. Sorry, don’t know about that girl, I’d FREAK OUT if I were to meet such a stranger on the road!

5. The Kotak Mahindra Bank ad, where a man follows his pretty wife and suspects her when she is found talking to an attractive man. Come on, any woman interacting with a man other than her husband is worth suspecting? Not sure what they were trying to convey.

6. The Reliagare Insurance Ad. True, death can strike anytime, but I thought the ad smacks of insensitivity when talking about that.

The Nice ones:

1. Aamir’s “athithi devo bhava” Nothwithstanding the frequency of the ad and Aamir overdose on TV nowadays, I think the series is quite nicely done and timely, what with the CWG round the corner. We Indians sure need some lessons in manners.

2. The Kareena ad for Vivid laptop. Not a big fan of hers and nothing spectacular about the ad, but love her attitude and gait in it. And not to forget the groovy music. This one hits the target well.

3. The Kajol ad for Alpenliebe. Again, nothing amazing, but effervescent Kajol and her monkey-man master make it work for me.

4. Saffola – where a man offers his son a “crocodile ride” as wife watches on. Nicely conceptualized. Manages to get its message across humorously.

A side note – For some reason, I never particularly took a liking to ‘zoozoos’. Me thinks they were ok, but highly overrated.