WW’s verdict…

on Masterchef India is out!

Eeks… I didn’t like it! I dont even bother remembering the timings it is telecast in, and that shows what I think of it.

Ok, top three reasons why it sucks?

  1. The celebrity judges are  ho hum
  2. The format – nothing captivating, yet.
  3. The filmy element – the “oohs and aahs” Akshay evokes and the Bollywoodish drama seem forced.

Guess after having seen Masterchef Aus, this one pales in comparison.


Telly Tales

Of late, one television program has been keeping me hooked… ‘Masterchef Australia’!

The program, currently aired on Star World, is being shown late to India TV viewers by a couple of monhs – as always, I suppose. The actual show was long over (in April, if I am right)  so that takes out the zing a bit, but nevertheless I still look forward to it every Tue-Thur.

All the famous aussie accent and fighting spirit is in full glory here. And like in any reality show, the emotional investment of viewers is important here too. You root for some contestants (Alvin and Jonathan, in my case), are indifferent to many and detest some others. Riding along is fun, speculating and guessing the winners and losers each week!

The innovative and creative means of testing the contestants makes for very interesting viewing. Every week, there is an invention test – there was an Indian Invention week also, where contestants had to cook exciting Indian dish with goat (mutton) as the principal ingredient. Wonder how someone can suddenly come up with a fine Indian dish (or any native dish, for that matter) when they dont have any experience ever working with it! Ask me, 7-8 years of on-off experience, working in Indian kitchen and I still can’t confidently cook up a decent roti… LOL!

Every week, typically 2 teams are formed, given interesting challenges, and the winning team (or super performers from winning teams) are treated to some nice lunches and dinners. Losers, of course, face pressure tests and the ones who succumb, get eliminated. So not just culinary skills, but also contestants’  leadership skills, team performance, stress tolerance etc. is tested.

Ok, any negatives at all? Yes, for a vegetarian like myself, the overdose of meat on the show can be a real put off. I mean, how many times can you not squirm as a chef goes on, like a doctor giving a practical anatomy demonstration – cutting and slicing through the various body parts of a poor dead animal.

Masterchef India is coming soon, I believe. Hosted by Akshay Kumar, it keeps up with the Indian telly tradition of signing up a Bollywood star for all and sundry things to hook viewers. I love Bollywood and mean no disrespect to its stars, but having had a dose of MC-Aus and seen how original and interesting the show can get, I only hope the channel doesn’t reduce the brand to a Bollywood masala pot boiler version in India.

So as of now, all I do is Wait ‘n Watch –  Wait for MC-India and watch MC-Aus!